Agent FAQ

Q: Why Should I Affiliate With Synergy Realty Network?
A: Simply consider your alternatives. You may do business the old fashioned way and pay higher overhead expenses while earning less in commissions, or jump into the 21st century to streamline your business and maximize your time, freedom and income. It’s all about reducing stress while increasing your bottom line.

Q: How can you do it? My broker says that you will be out of business in six months because you can’t make money. 
A: This is a question that comes up often. Let me start by saying that we have been in business since February 2009. Synergy can offer the best commission splits in town largely in part because we are a debt free business. Our facility is paid for eliminating expensive overhead. Our cost of doing business is very low allowing us to be very competitive in the market. Also we have streamlined our business model in a way that simply works.

Q: Is your agent pool expanding? 
A: Yes. We are one of the few real estate companies in Middle     
Tennessee that is consistently expanding. Our growth is contributed to an Aggressive Commission Plan, Our Commitment to Excellence, and our Outstanding Marketing Capabilities.

Q: Do you provide Transaction Coordinator service?
Yes, we have an in-house Transaction Coordinator available.

Q: Do you offer office space/Conference Room?
A:  Yes. We have a state of the art facility accessible 24/7 with Agent Work Stations, Offices, and Conference Room with Large Screen Viewing, Color Printer, Color Copy, Fax, Color Scan and WiFi.

Yes, we are partners with one of the top paperless transaction companies in the country. Coupled with our Synergy Office Resource Center, you will be blown away!

Q: Are you a HUD certified broker?
 Yes. We also have numerous agents that specialize in HUD properties.

Q: Do you have restrictions as it relates to Short Sales?
 No. Short sales have become a large sector of our business. We believe that agents should participate in the short sale market. As we all know,  in the current market every deal counts.

Q: What Type of Marketing / Technology do you offer?
A: We offer the best technologhy that money can buy. Complementary platforms include: 

  • kvCORE: The worlds number one CRM/Marketing platform
  • Dotloop Transaction Management
  • Agent branded mobile app from HomeSpotter
  • Agent Websites: IDX Lead Gen provided by kvCORE
  • Showingtime Appointment Center
  • Listing tools to include single property websited for all of your listings.
  • Automated Socual Media Postings
  • BuiltIn Marketplace
  • Open House App

Q: Do you offer in house photography?
A: Yes! We own Luxury Level Media offering Agent branding and real estate photography

Q: Do you have inhouse Title?
A: Yes, Rhythm Title is out Title Company

Q: Do you offer training?
Yes we offer continuing education, Real Estate Board training workshops and lunch and learn programs.

Q: Do you offer discount  CE training?
A: Yes we have a partnership with The CE Shop.

Q: Do you have recruiting incentives?
A:  Yes. We pay $300 CASH for every agent you refer to us that joins our team. We also consistently run contest over and above the $300.00 bonus. However, we do not focus on number of agents. We focus on quality of agents.

Q: How long will I wait for my commission check?
 There is no wait!  We offer same day DIRECT DEPOSIT.

Q: How do you sign agents? Do you advertise?
We do not focus on advertising for agents. We focus our efforts on attracting good agents that treat their clients and customers well while maintaining the highest in ethical standards. Many of our agents found out about our firm because they knew someone from our office or was referred by someone that we do business with. We don’t advertise like many companies do because it is not a numbers game for us. We do not have to sign on any agent to pay our bills so we are selective. Being selective helps ensure the integrity of our business. All prospective agents must meet with us one on one to ensure that we are a good fit for each other.       

Q: Do you accept agents that are new to the business?

Q: Do you have weekly sales meetings?
We have monthly get togethers with periodic lunch and learn programs.

Q: How do I join Synergy Realty Network?
Fill out the contact sheet below and someone will be in touch to set up a confidential interview.

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