What Kind of Agent do You Need for Building a New Home

Posted by on Monday, June 5th, 2017 at 4:40pm.


So what to do now that you think you want to build, and how do you find the right person for that?  Well, I will tell you, building a home can be painful or it can be exciting. In every build there is a little bit of something else in between.  There are so many moving parts in new construction, so many decisions to be made and so much thought that needs to go into the process.  You need an expert Realtor that can help you understand the specification sheets, the pricing, the allowance, the upgrades, what's included, what's not included, how much it costs to change an order, and most of all what area is going to work best for you and your family.

Working as a design coordinator for one of Brentwood Tennessee's upscale builder's and as a Realtor has taught me that this is a huge area that is lacking in knowledge, expertise and representation. Which is why I choose to work as a buyers agent in representing home buyers who want new construction.   I specialize in reviewing floor plans against the specification sheets, looking at allowances and upgrade costs, reading electrical plans, knowing the difference between hardwood floors, mortar upgrades, painted brick costs, even neighborhoods and builders that will allow you to do so.  The list is daunting to say the least.

I will admit that not all people need that detail oriented person to help them with their purchase.  But, if someone is out there that has that level of expertise than why not use that person?  Do your due diligence in locating a Realtor that will guide you through the maze of contracts, selections and closings. There are agents that specialize in this arena just like I do.  After all, your home is your investment as well as your place to rest your head. Buy wisely, and always buy with an agent.


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