These are the Hot Home Trends in Nashville

Posted by Dwane Crews on Thursday, June 14th, 2018 at 4:23pm.

These are the Hot Home Trends in Nashville

Nashville’s real estate market continues to be hot and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon. In this hot market, there are a lot of prominent homebuilding trends. The Tennessean recently pointed out some of the biggest ones and Synergy Realty Network is here to share them.  

Covered Upper Decks

According to our city newspaper, this is a recent trend in Nashville real estate. It wasn’t long ago that second level covered decks were nonexistent in Music City, but not anymore. Now it’s much easier to find your dream house with a second story deck that’s perfect for nighttime reading, morning tea or an afternoon cocktail. If this is something you want in your next house, your Synergy Realty Network agent can help!

Spacious Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are getting bigger and bigger — and we are big fans of it! Mud room/laundry rooms are now multifunctional, largely because of their ample space. Whether you’re doing your laundry, storing cleaning supplies or hosting your children’s science experiments, spacious laundry rooms are perfect for it all.

Multifunctional Kitchen Islands

These days, kitchens are some of the most important spaces in a Nashville home. Whether entertaining or just cooking a family meal, the kitchen is a place where people gather. Where do they gather in these chef rooms? The island! A large island is becoming a staple in many Middle Tennessee homes and they can be used for a variety of reasons. Spread your holiday meals on them, let your children do homework while you cook or just have a cocktail/buffet for friends. The spacious kitchen island can do it all!

These are just a few of the trends The Tennessean found. They also found Nashville trends relating to outdoor space, pantries and more. Read the full article here

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