These are Real Estate Trends to Watch

Posted by Dwane Crews on Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 at 1:40pm.

These are Real Estate Trends to Watch

Real estate trends, like any trend, are constantly changing. While we all try to stay on top of them, it can be hard. To help, Better Homes & Gardens surveyed home buyers and real estate pros to get a sense of trends you should be watching right now.

 Millennial Buyers Buy for Long-Term.

Millennial buyers, those born in the early 80s to the mid-90s, are a unique group of home buyers. According to those that were surveyed by BH&G, these buyers purchase a home with plans to stay there. In fact, they plan to stay for 10 years or more. If you think this trend doesn’t matter, you should know that (according to the National Association of Realtors), millennials still make up the “largest share of home buyers at 38%.”

 Buying Fixer-Uppers is a Dying Trend.

 According to that same survey, more and more buyers are looking for houses that are ready to move in! The fixer-upper trend was huge for a while but that’s quickly dying out (at least for the time being). The BH&G survey found that “52% valued purchasing either a newly built home or one that didn’t require any renovations or repairs before moving in.” If you’re looking to sell and are worried about a buyer needing too many upgrades, chat with your Synergy Realty Network agent about what’s worth updating before you sell and what’s not.

 Kitchens are Still a Selling Point.

This “trend” should come as no surprise if you’re interested in real estate. Kitchens are a huge selling point when it comes to homes for sale. According to this article, buyers like things like an island, new appliances and open kitchen concepts. Buyers can also be swayed by things like a wine fridge or other unique accessories that not all kitchens have.

Better Homes & Gardens have two more trends that are currently motivating buyers. See them all here.

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