New Construction: Realtor, Designer or Both

Posted by on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 at 4:31pm.

Hi All!

Building a new construction home is terrifying for so many people and I absolutely hate that. Building a home should be exciting, it's the beginning of new chapters and starting fresh. I'll be honest, I am a new house snob. I love the smell of fresh cut wood, paint, and freshly stained floors. I LOVE the fact that I am the first to call an address home.  I love creating new designs for each one of my personal homes and yes each one has been completely different from the previous. For me it is fun, for others I realize it is daunting and scary.   I have 5 personal builds under my belt as well as working as a designer for 3 home builders over the last 11 years, so of course it was easy!

There are families that feel it is too hard and not worth the hassle, they don't know where to start. Did you know there are over 250 members that belong to the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee?  How do you choose?  Who do you build with, what's included, how do you pay, how long does it take, what is the lighting budget, can I have more than 2 paint colors, what do I get....You get the idea, the list almost seems too challenging to tackle.  I am here to tell you that it is not, and I am her to help you from beginning to end.  What Realtor does that?  Well, I do, and let me explain why.

When I hear that people hated their building experience it truly is heartbreaking.  There are so many moving parts on building a new home and if you don't work with the right person it is painful. Very painful.  So many find it too scary to take on, where I on the other hand find it exciting.  I developed a  business plan that is set up to benefit my clients, from purchase to close.  I help with the purchase your home, help with your selections, counsel you through decisions, keep you on budget and make you love this whole experience.  I am the agent that really wants to be there for you the ENTIRE way through.  For me it is not about the transaction and then walking away. I want to make you love everything about the construction process.  This is my arena of expertise and I shine in it.

Always have a buyers agent. Why? I know some might think you can get a better deal without one, but in truth you have better leverage with an agent who knows the builders and the building process.  It is ALWAYS in your interest to have representation!

Happy building!

Lisa Rybak

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