Live-Work Units Could Increase in Popularity Following Pandemic

Posted by Dwane Crews on Monday, April 27th, 2020 at 10:44am.

Live-Work Units Could Increase in Popularity Following Pandemic

We’re still in unique times and, while we fight this global pandemic, the way we live is changing. With people staying home more than ever, home floorplans are bound to change. What worked best for a family of four before COVID-19, may not work as well now. More people are working from home and sheltering in place, which means they need a space for work and a space for play.

You’ve probably heard of live-work spaces. We’ve written about them before and we’ve sold these units to our clients. If you’re still not sure exactly what a live-work space is, it is a unit that has both working quarters and living quarters. Many of them located in Middle Tennessee have separate areas for working and for living. There can be retail space below a townhome or apartment. These are particularly great live-work spaces. 

Now that times are changing, we may see live-work units really have their time. The president of Celebration Homes agrees and says this will change floor plans for their live-work homes in the very near future. Randall Smith told The Tennessean, “Small, more intimate spaces will resurge as more folks stay more at home and some parts of the family need multiple spaces with privacy to do different activities at the same time… [There may also be a] resurgence of large, separate bonus play areas for media and future homeschooling needs.”

If you’re finding that your home doesn’t fit your needs in this time of sheltering in place, our team at Synergy Realty Network is here to help you find one that does. Call your agent today and we can begin brainstorming what you and your family need. 

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