Get Next Year’s Home Maintenance Checklist Ready as You Clean After Christmas

Posted by Dwane Crews on Thursday, December 27th, 2018 at 9:41am.

Get Next Year’s Home Maintenance Checklist Ready as You Clean After Christmas

The gifts are open. The stockings are empty. The food is eaten. Now that family and friends are making their way home, it’s time for the mass cleanup following Christmas. As you take down the trimmings and the tree, get your house ready for 2019 by creating a maintenance checklist. recommends creating this checklist while removing decorations — it just makes things easier. Although you may not start marking things off the list for a few months, you’ll know what needs to be done way ahead of time. They break down the list into five parts: roof, entryway, fireplace, banisters and electrical maintenance.

The Roof

If you’re one of the many homes that decorated their house with Christmas lights, you’re in luck. Since you’ll already be up on the roof when you’re ready to remove them, you’re already starting your checklist. While you’re up there, give your gutters a good look. Then, check the rest of your roof to make sure the shingles look OK and that everything is ready for the rest of winter.

The Entryway

Your front door and entryway is the first place that greets your visitors. It’s a great idea to always have this in tip top shape, even if you still have other household chores that need to be done. When you’re taking down the wreath, check your door and the rest of your entryway. How is the paint on your porch and front door looking? Does it need to be touched up? Have you had an entryway light flickering or even out for a while? Is your front door knob dated? Check all around the area and make notes of things you want to improve in 2019.

The Banisters

Now that it’s time to take down your garland, it’s also time to check your banisters. Are they all up to safety standards? Do you have any loose nails on the railing of your stairs? Spend a little extra time on this part of your house and you’ll keep your family and friends safe all year long.

Head to to get more tips on that 2019 to-do list. They’ll tell you how to prep the maintenance list for your electrical issues and fireplace maintenance.

Happy New Year from all of us at the Synergy Realty Network!

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