Four Ways to Get More Privacy on Your Porch

Posted by Dwane Crews on Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 at 10:33am.

Four Ways to Get More Privacy on Your Porch

Warm weather is here which means it’s time for cookouts and family dinners outside! Whether you’re having an evening cocktail or a game night on the porch, a little extra privacy isn’t a bad thing. says, “There’s an entirely different level of comfort when you feel like you’re free from the prying eyes of neighbors and random passersby. A porch that is in full view of the neighborhood is a porch you can really use when you’re dressed and ready to go out. A porch that is private is a comfortable place no matter how ‘presentable’ you feel at the moment.”

If you’ve got neighbors that can see your every move when you’re enjoying your outdoor space, we have some ideas for you.

Build a Privacy Fence

If your deck or porch is low in your backyard, you may be able to hide your entire outside area with a privacy fence. Add a privacy fence that you love and spruce it up a bit with a few container gardens.

Add a Pergola

A pergola may be just the thing you’re looking for when it comes to your deck. Put one in your backyard and it’ll help your entire outdoor space feel cozier. Make it even more private by adding an outdoor cloth or tapestry. Walmart has one you can install yourself for less than $50!

Do a DIY Privacy Wall

A privacy wall may not sound like the chicest accessory for your yard but DIY Passion has a great idea for one. Their chevron style privacy wall adds a little something to your outdoor space and even manages to look cute! Head to their website for full details on how to DIY this project. Get the whole family involved and make a weekend out of it!

Plant Trees or Other Greenery

Planting trees or plants is a great way to get a little extra privacy from prying eyes. suggests hanging plants, depending on where your neighbor’s windows are. A climbing vine is another one of their ideas but you can also plant trees or create a garden where you want the most privacy.

How do you get privacy while you're on your porch?

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