Four Advantages to Buying an Older Home

Posted by Dwane Crews on Thursday, July 6th, 2017 at 9:26am.

Four Advantages to Buying an Older Home

 With the housing market as hot as it is, you may be expanding your options when it comes to home shopping. At first you were only considering brand-new homes but now you’ve added older houses to your list.

 Is buying an older home worth the work and the possible risk? There are actually several advantages to buying an aged house, even if it can be a little intimidating. Here are four advantages to buying an older home.

 The construction is better.

 Construction has significantly changed over the years. According to, “established houses are built to last, and many aspects of the construction cannot be reproduced today.” The wood that older homes use is more resilient than what’s used today. Drywall is also commonly used in new construction and it’s not the most durable material.

 The house has more charm.

 One of the most beautiful things about older homes is their charm. This is one thing that can’t be bought. The doors are beautifully constructed, the floor planks are rustic and the windows could tell stories for days. This type of personality can be recreated with modern materials but only to a certain extent. An elderly home is really the best way to get this kind of character.

 Older homes are usually in a prime location.

 Aged houses are charming and well-built but they’re also in great locations. There will more than likely be shopping, restaurants and other amenities in walking distance. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous home that’s also convenient?

 You’ll have a bigger yard.

 Tall, skinny homes are becoming the real estate norm — especially in certain parts of Nashville. One thing that’s true of all those shotgun houses is a very tiny lot with a neighboring home in close proximity. You won’t have that problem with older homes, which is especially useful if you have pets or children.

 Now that you’ve learned some of the advantages of owning an older home, you can really consider what’s best for your needs. Contact your Synergy realtor today and we’ll help you make a final decision. 

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