Five Ways to Add a Little Southern Charm to Your Home

Posted by Dwane Crews on Monday, April 2nd, 2018 at 10:57am.

Five Ways to Add a Little Southern Charm to Your Home

Southern homes are considered classy, playful, elegant and unique. Most southern homes have antiques that have been collected and handed down in the families for years and years. Because of that, southern homes are rarely in line with fads. For some of us, creating southern charm just doesn't come easy. To help inspire and awaken your inner interior designer, we've got a few tips to help you add some southern charm to your home. With the right colors, furniture and functionality, your home will look straight out of the pages ofSouthern Living (where we drew some inspiration for this post).

Use Softer Shades of Color

Southerners love color — and we aren’t afraid to use it! Instead of bright, vivid colors, though, add soft, subdued colors to your home’s interior. Pastel pinks are a great idea for tapestries and curtains and consider grey for accent chairs. Get more bold with your decorative pillows in shades like soothing green or pale blue. Need more inspiration? Try checking out these seven classic paint colors (we love the creole pink).

Add Cozy Furniture

This year, it’s all about comfort! Although many southern homes have rooms with stiff, antique furniture, those rooms are usually just for decoration. In your living areas, comfortable pieces are so important. It’s possible to get lounges, benches and even ottomans that are both classy and comfortable.

Brighten Up Your Kitchen

When it comes to where you cook, brighter is always better. Brighten up your kitchen with more white. White is classic, timeless and easy to add personality to with accent pieces. Opt for cabinets that are stain proof and easy to wipe off and your kitchen will always look classy and clean. Then you can add your accent towels with a pop of color!

Make Your Bathroom an Oasis

Consider your bathroom your own private spa. Consider upsizing your shower for a spa-like feel that will last. If you prefer a bathtub, choose one that’s functional but also stylish. Add a gorgeous chandelier above it and you’ll be relaxing among bubbles in no time. This is another area where a pop of pale pink will compliment your mostly white bath area.

Upgrade Your Laundry Room

Remember years ago when you’d have to lug baskets down flights of stairs just to clean your clothes? Those days are over. These days, laundry rooms are all about space and functionality. This room should be clutter free and easy to get everything you need done. Keep your room organized with baskets, cabinets for your washing powders and a folding table to get your laundry finished.

What do you think about these southern styling tips? Not your style? We also have several tips on how to spruce up your home in moretrendy ways for 2018.

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