Five Questions to Ask When Buying New Construction

Posted by Dwane Crews on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 at 12:19pm.

Five Questions to Ask When Buying New Construction

Purchasing a home is exciting. Purchasing a home that’s never been lived can be even more exciting. When people buy new construction, they have some customizable options and the opportunity to plan every step of the way.

Buying new construction seems easier to some home buyers because they’re starting from the ground up. Although it can be fun and exciting, there are still questions you should be asking during the process. Here are five questions to ask when buying new construction.

Do the builders have completed projects in the area?

When looking at a new construction, it’s a great idea to check out other projects from the same builder. Drive around and see what they look like, get an idea of the feel and the community. See if it suits you and your family before committing. It’s also a great idea to ask about the long-term plans for this particular project.

Are there any buyer incentives?

There are several cases where buyers will offer incentives to entice new buyers. They may not flat out offer them so it’s always a good idea to ask. There could be a buyer discount, upgrades or other possibilities. Some of the incentives may come with a catch but your realtor can help you determine whether they’re worth it or not — and what they mean in the long run.

Can you make upgrades once the build has begun?

You may think you know exactly what you want but, over time, your ideas could change. Ask your builder upfront whether or not you’re able to make any changes once they’ve started on your lot.

Does the builder provide warranties?

Many new builds come with warranties. Ask them if the home comes with a builder’s warranty or even a structural warranty. Your realtor can help you navigate the two and understand the fine print.

What’s the expected finish date?

Be clear when speaking to builders about dates. How long is your home expected to take? What happens if they don’t meet the date? Of course, you’ll have to be flexible, because of factors like weather, but you should still have a clear-cut finish date.

We also want to remind you that it’s very important to have a realtor representing you during this process. Although it may seem easy there are many reasons to have a realtor when buying new construction. It’s also important to research the builder and their reputation. A realtor can help you and, of course, so can Google.

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