Five Interior Design Trends for Fall 2019

Posted by Dwane Crews on Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 at 9:17am.

Five Interior Design Trends for Fall 2019

Fall is right around the corner. Before the seasons change and the leaves start to turn, start thinking about ways you can update your home’s interior design. These are a few interior design trends that will be popular in the fall of 2019.


Elle Decor says bouclé will be a hot trend for the living room this fall. According to Google, that is a fabric that is made from a looped yarn. It creates extra texture in living room furniture like couches and chairs, making the area feel extra cozy.

Fancy Bathtubs

Does a gorgeous (and functional) claw-foot tub ever go out of style? Showpiece bathtubs, like the claw-foot, are going to be even more of a trend this fall. Want something a little more modern? This soaking tub is a gorgeous option.

Custom Nightstands

Add a little more of yourself to your bedroom this fall. Update the room with just a couple of pieces and it’ll totally transform your space. Customized nightstands will be a staple this fall and they’re even better when they’re oversized. See what we mean here.

Mustard Yellow

If you’ve been shopping at boutiques or the mall lately, you’ve definitely noticed this trend. Mustard yellow is everywhere right now and that trend will go beyond clothes. It’ll also be seen in home decor. My Modern Met says Pinterest searches for mustard yellow have increased by 45%. 

Feminine Colors

Elle Decor says feminine colors will be increasing in popularity this fall as well. You can try incorporating them little by little in the bedroom for a soft, comforting feel in the bedroom. When they say “feminine tones” they mean soft pinks, bronze and blush. Add them to the walls or in accent pillows to your bed.

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