Here’s How to Keep it Classic with Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations come in all shapes and sizes these days. From neutral colors to pinks and teals, classic decorations are becoming less common. If you’re anything like us, you may prefer the classic red and green trinkets. Here’s how you can keep it classic this holiday season.


A classic holiday wreath is a perfect way to welcome any friends or family that come over this December. Opt for faux or real greenery but keep the rest of the wreath simple with a red bow, some berries or even a few pinecones. 

Seasonal Throw Pillows

When it comes to your living area, throw pillows are a great way to keep it festive (and simple!). Opt for classic-looking pillows that don’t…

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Want a Beautiful Spring Garden? Here’s What to Do This Fall

There are just a few weeks until fall but we’re already thinking about spring! If you didn’t get your dream garden in 2020, maybe 2021 is your year. If that’s your goal, now is the time to start planning. Here’s what you can do this fall to have a beautiful spring garden.

Start Cleaning

When you’re ready to begin, you’ll want to clean out the garden you already have. Harvest whatever produce you have, compost your healthy plants and get rid of the ones that didn’t fare well or had bug problems. 

Plant Your Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs actually need the cold to grow which is why planting them in the fall is so important. Do your research to figure out which ones will do the best in…

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COVID-19 Has Changed What People Want in a Home

This year has changed so much from the way people work to the way they get their groceries. Now, it’s changing the things people want in a home — and for good reason. 

Since the world shifted, many businesses are now closed with employees working from home. Because of that, home offices are more important than ever before. Adults need a space to go where they can have peace and quiet for conference calls, Zoom meetings or just a heavy workload. According to an article in the Tennessean, people with older homes are combating this problem by changing their formal living rooms into home office space. For people that are buying new homes, they’re actually choosing to make what could be a theater room into…

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Three Flowers That Actually Flourish in Direct Sun

Gardens are gaining popularity this year and many are learning just how hard it can be to care for plants. Some flowers need partial sunlight, some need no sunlight, some need lots of water and some need little water. It can be tough to keep it all straight to keep your garden thriving (which, by the way, helps curb appeal). According to Southern Living, there are several plants that actually flourish with “full sun.” Some of them do best in the summer sun while others need cooler fall sunlight. We’re breaking it down with three of our favorites below.


Coneflowers are a great flower to plant in the south because they love heat — and humidity! An added bonus of these unique flowers is…

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5 Ways to Get Your Electricity Bill Down This Summer

It is hot out there and temperatures aren’t dropping anytime soon. With summer bringing higher temps, it’s also bringing higher electric bills. Here are some ways that you can lower your electricity bill through these hot months. 

Blackout Curtains

You can make sure your air conditioner isn’t working quite as hard with just this one fix. Get some blackout curtains or darkening blinds. This will keep the sunlight out and keep your rooms cooler during the hottest part of the day.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

If you can program your thermostat for hours you know you won’t be home, you can adjust your home’s temperature accordingly. This will save you lots of money. There are also smart…

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Tips for Keeping Your House Clean with Pets

“We may have pets but when it comes to unconditional love, they are the masters,” Donald L Hicks says. If you believe that statement, you probably have a four-legged friend at home. While having dogs, cats or any other pet is rewarding, it can also make life (and your home) a little messier. We’ve got some tips to help you keep your casa clean even with a fur friend.

Get a Pet Placemat

Put your pet’s food bowls on their own placemat. This will keep your floor clean from water and kibble. If you have multiple, you can switch them out for their weekly deep cleaning. There are a variety of options but this Amazon placemat is less than $10 — and it’s waterproof.

Keep Your Pet Properly Groomed

If you…

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Fairview’s Housing Market Grows with New Neighborhoods, More Homes

If you’re not familiar with Fairview, Tennessee it’s located about 22 miles southwest of Nashville. Expect to hear more about it in the future; the city is booming! According to The Tennessean, they're expanding with new neighborhoods and growing existing ones. The newspaper says people are flocking there for several reasons including affordable living and Williamson County schools. 

To keep up with demand, Regent Homes is starting to build in the brand new neighborhood, Audubon Cove. That will bring 50 new houses to the Fairview area. The already existing Otter Creek subdivision is also growing with Both Regent Homes and The Jones Co. building there. Read more about the additions…

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Johnny Cash’s Former Property is For Sale in Bon Aqua

There’s a unique piece of music history that’s currently for sale in Bon Aqua. According to The Tennessean, The Storytellers Museum is ready for its next owner. The general store was owned by the Man in Black in the 1970s after he purchased the space to hold, what else, but concerts!

The property has a lengthy history, even before Cash purchased it. It was meaningful to him, though, and the museum maintains that he called it the “center of my universe.” The current owners, Brian and Sally Oxley, purchased the property in 2015 in an effort to preserve its legacy. They allowed visitors to tour the space and see Cash’s cars. Visitors even got to hear live music at the end of their tour.


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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garden

Springtime means gardens are in full bloom right now in Tennessee. Gardens aren't just beautiful additions to your yard, they also add curb appeal to your home — if they're well maintained. We know it’s easy to get behind on garden maintenance but now is the perfect time to “spring clean” them. 

Here are some spring cleaning tips that will help to get your garden back in tip-top shape!

Break Up the Cleaning

If you have several beds in your yard, don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle it all in one day. Break it up into different activities and spread them out. Doing too much is an easy way to get exhausted and overlook something or make a mistake. 

Tidy Up

Start by tidying your garden. Remove…

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How to Prepare Your Tennessee Home for Possible Storms

It’s spring time in Tennessee which means blooming flowers, birds chirping and severe weather. We’ve already had more than our fair share of severe storms, tornadoes and high winds this spring but it’s not over yet. With more storms on the way, it’s important to protect your home in the best way you can.

Here are some tips to protect your home for possible storms:

Trim Your Trees.

When high winds hit, loose or dead tree limbs can go flying. This can cause damage to your home with windows being especially vulnerable. Trim these trees and clear any dead or loose limbs before bad weather hits.

Clean Your Gutters.

This is something you should be doing regularly but, if you’re not, now is…

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