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Creative Ways to Add Holiday’s Hottest Decor Trend to Your Staging

Plaid is all the rage this holiday season. If your house is on the market or going on the market soon, it’s still possible to incorporate this holiday trend into your decor. Here are a few creative ways to add holiday’s hottest decor trend to your staging.

This year’s plaid trend isn’t just your typical red and black checkered print. Although that look never goes out of style around the holidays, black and white gingham print is gaining popularity. This year, it’s about whichever matches your own personal style.

If you’re opting for the black and white look, has a great idea to make it farmhouse chic. Mix the pattern with “some burlap, greenery and the warm, yellow

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What does Amazon mean for Nashville’s housing market?

Although Amazon decided not to bring their HQ2 to Nashville, they did decide to bring a new operations hub to Music City. With it, they’re expected to employ 5,000 people right here in our city. So what does the influx of people mean for Nashville’s housing market?

Experts spoke with The Tennesseanabout what 5,000 jobs with a median salary of $150K actually means for our housing market. Unfortunately, this means prices could go up. Some areas and some types of homes may more be in demand than others, though. The experts do say that this will let up over time, it won’t last forever.

Amazon hasn’t said exactly which positions will be coming to Nashville. That means there’s no way to tell just

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Black Friday is Not the Best Time to Buy a House

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. People line up for hours to get crazy deals on electronics, toys and more. Although it’s a big day for retail stores, Black Friday is not the best day to buy a house.

According to an article on, researchers found the day after Thanksgiving is a great day for retail deals. They've discovered that home shoppers should actually wait until Dec. 26 to get the best deal on a house. Closing on Dec. 26 can mean really great things for your bank account. Statistically speaking, on that day, you’ll spend approximately $2,500 less. This number comes from a report from ATTOM Data Solutions.

As a whole, December is the best time of the year to

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First-Time Home Buyer? Don’t Make These Mistakes

Everyone knows how overwhelming buying your first house can be. It’s a long process full of paperwork, new information, shopping and sometimes even some problems. You can avoid making any major mistakes by keeping a few things in mind.

Location Matters

Location is so important when it comes to buying your first house. You may find the perfect house but it’s 25 miles from your work. Is that a big deal? Just think about commuting in rush hour traffic. That could potentially be a 50 minute drive! Is that really worth it?

If you have kids, you should also keep school districts in mind when thinking about your location. Moving to a smaller house in a better school district may be worth it to you and

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Here’s What You Need to Know About the Housing Market

It’s that time of year! No, not the holidays. It’s the time when the housing market begins to change and currently it’s shifting towards buyers. With the change happening, it’s important to understand who is buying — and why.

After studying the National Association of Realtors’ annual survey, there are many trends we’ve noticed about the current market. Although first-time home buyers still make up a large portion of the real estate market, that number has actually declined since last year. First-time home buyers made up 33% of the market this year as compared to 34% last year.

Married couples make up the bulk of buyers at 63% but single people are also buying homes. Single females made up 18%

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Get to the Bottom of These Creepy House Sounds Before Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and that means ghosts and goblins and scary movies. It shouldn’t mean your house is scary, though. If you’ve got creepy sounds happening in your casa, this may help you pinpoint what exactly is going on.

Noises in the attic are one of those sounds that freak out even the toughest of us. It’s scarier when you’re home alone but, according to House Logic, there’s a perfectly good explanation for it (and, no, it’s not Michael Myers in your attic). Since attics aren’t finished, small sounds sound a lot louder than they actually are. Usually, these sounds are just small animals enjoying their time on your roof. You probably can’t stop them from getting up

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Three Home Staging Tips for Fall Weather

It may still be warm here in Nashville but fall is right around the corner. With a new season comes a new opportunity to wow potential buyers. Here are three home staging tips for brisk fall weather.

Decorate but don’t overdo it.

 It’s a great idea to get in the fall spirit but don’t over do it, that’ll just distract buyers. Focus on the parts of fall that make you feel all comfy and cozy. Add subtle hints of fall leaves or fall fruits in your home. You can also add seasonal colors as accents in your house. Smells in the fall are a big deal so grab themed candle that evokes memories of pumpkin patches or apple picking.

Don't forget to decorate outside! Curb appeal is just as important in the fall as it

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Two Middle Tennessee Cities Make Time’s 50 Best Places to Live List

Time paired up with to compile a list of the 50 Best Places to Live in America. This time around, not one, but two Middle Tennessee cities made the list!

The charming city of Franklin landed at No. 6 on the list. The article says “low unemployment, booming job growth, short job commutes” are a few of the reasons Franklin made the list. The school districts and breweries don’t hurt either. Although those reasons are great, we know a few more.

Franklin is, as they call it “picturesque.” It’s also a big little town with so much to do. There are family-friendly festivals, great places to eat and adorable wine bars. The convenience to downtown Nashville makes it an easy

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Achange is coming to the housing market. suggests that things are changing in the world of real estate and they’re shifting towards the buyers.

Despite the fact that a shift is happening, things are completely reversing. Prices aren’t “tumbling,” as the website explains along with data to back up their claims. Median home prices are currently up 7% with the median list price at $295,000 (the website has a complete graph with data for the last three years). Things have changed a lot since 2015.

“So while a 7% rise still sounds like a lot, especially compared with annual inflation of just 2.9%, it’s actually a very real sign that the market may finally be coming back down to

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How to Take Care of Your Pool All Year Long

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. The days will soon get shorter and the nights will get cooler. Even if you’re one of the brave souls swimming during the cold seasons, you’ll need to take special care of your pool to ensure it stays in tip-top shape.

Let’s first start with how to take care of your pool during autumn. During fall, make sure you’re checking your pool’s baskets and cleaner bags. Leaves and debris from nearby trees will be falling and they’ll fill up a lot faster than they do in the summer. A skimmer net can also help keep your pool clean when the seasons change.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, it’s not always best to keep your pool covered. advise covering it if leaves or

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