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Its no secret that the Nashville real estate market is on fire. With the good sometimes comes the bad. If you are an agent working with a buyer or if you are a buyer winging it on your own considering new construction, please thoroughly research the builder/developer in question.

We have seen an influx of new builders/developers in the market and some are in over their head. Don’t rely on a high-octane agent’s sales pitch who are sometimes not forthright in their relationship with the builder/developer. A lack of investigation could cost buyers and agents lots of money, time and heartache.

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Four Ways to Get More Privacy on Your Porch

Warm weather is here which means it’s time for cookouts and family dinners outside! Whether you’re having an evening cocktail or a game night on the porch, a little extra privacy isn’t a bad thing. says, “There’s an entirely different level of comfort when you feel like you’re free from the prying eyes of neighbors and random passersby. A porch that is in full view of the neighborhood is a porch you can really use when you’re dressed and ready to go out. A porch that is private is a comfortable place no matter how ‘presentable’ you feel at the moment.”

If you’ve got neighbors that can see your every move when you’re enjoying your outdoor space, we have some ideas for you.

Build a Privacy

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Five Ways to Bring Summer Vibes into Your Home

The first day of summer may still be a month away (June 21) but the temperatures in Middle Tennessee sure feel like summer. With a change of season approaching, it’s a great time to update your home’s interior decor. Here are five ways to bring summer vibes into your home.

Different Patterns & Textures

Summer is the perfect time to give your home decor a little refresh! An easy, yet effective way to do that is with different patterns and textures. According to House Beautiful, the tactile trend is very popular right now. “This look is all about creating a [cozy] feel, mix your textures and team with tactile throws and cushions.”

Animal prints are a surprising choice for summer but it’s the perfect

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‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Family Moves to Brentwood

The family from the popular USA Network show, Chrisley Knows Best, are officially Brentwood residents. According to The Tennessean, the Chrisleys purchased a house in the upscale Annandale subdivision.

The Chrisleys became popular when their family reality show aired and grew more and more popular. The show includes dad (Todd), mom (Julie), grandmother (Faye), children (Savannah, Chase and Grayson) and granddaughter (Chloe). The local newspaper reports that the Brentwood home was purchased by the family matriarch, Julie, for $3.375 million.

Before purchasing this home earlier this year, the Chrisley family was living in Belle Meade. They wanted a more private estate and found one in the Annandale

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Four Advantages to Buying a Home in the Spring

Spring has officially sprung. The weather is changing and so is the real estate market. Believe it or not, there are several advantages to buying a home in the spring.

Here are four advantages to buying a home in the spring:

Inventory is Up

Now that spring is here, more people are choosing to put their houses on the market. That means a lot more inventory to choose from. Although this is an advantage, you should take steps to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Ask your Synergy Realty Network realtor to put you on an email list that keeps you updated on homes in your price range and location. Avoid anything that doesn’t meet your criteria or is out of your financial range.

House Hunting is

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Nashville Lands on Southern Living’s List of The South’s Best Food Cities

We know Nashville’s real estate market is hot but that’s not all that's heating up. We’re also a hot city for food and foodies alike. Southern Living just listed named The South’s Best Food Cities for 2019 and Nashville landed a prime spot!

According to the magazine, the competition was fierce. While some of the cities were surprising, we’re not that surprised that Music City landed the No. 4 spot. In the city list description, SL notes Nashville’s ability to bring in “more women-helmed kitchens from Henrietta Red to Cafe Roze and Chaatable.”

Those are just a few of the recommendations the magazine suggests for local, and tourist, foodies. They also suggest Bolton’s Chicken

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This $1.8 Million House in Brentwood Feels Like a Grown Up's Treehouse

Remember when you were a kid and you loved nothing more than climbing into your treehouse with friends? This Brentwood house feels just like that but on a much nicer scale!

This gorgeous treehouse-type retreat is located at 6314 Panorama Drive in Brentwood. It feels like its own private sanctuary but it’s still close to the city (it’s the best of both worlds!). It sits on 11 acres and, according to The Tennessean, it was custom built for its current owner.

The three-story house is completely covered by windows by the front door and it’s nestled in the hills — that’s what makes it feel like a treehouse! According to Zillow, it’s got four bedrooms, seven bathrooms and is a

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How to Protect Your House Before Possible Flooding

Wet weather is in the forecast for Middle Tennessee — all week long. We’re expected to get several inches of rain this week so it’s important to protect your home. If you live in an area where flooding is a concern, here are a few tips to protect your house from floodwater.

Evaluate the Possibility of Flooding

The first step in protecting your home and belongings from flooding is to evaluate the risk. The FEMA Map Service Center is a great place to start. Search for your address and find out your area’s flood zones. Value Penguin lays out a simple way to read this map on their website.

Check Your Levels

Things like switches and sockets should be approximately a foot about the flood level

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Johnny Cash’s Former Estate Appraises for $3.95 Million

Johnny Cash’s former estate is on the market once again. This time, the Old Hickory Lake home has had a huge price increase. It’s now listed for $3.95 million after a new appraisal, according to The Tennessean.

This estate, which sits at 200 Caudill Drive in Hendersonville, was the spot where Cash and June Carter Cash lived for 35 years. It’s a special space with “four separate parcels of an acre or more.” That’s right, this is prime lakefront property with 4.5 acres on it. It's got the possibility for a buyer looking to separate the parcels or someone looking to keep them together and build a large home.

Aside from the vast property right on the lake, there’s also a 546-square-foot log

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