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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garden

Springtime means gardens are in full bloom right now in Tennessee. Gardens aren't just beautiful additions to your yard, they also add curb appeal to your home — if they're well maintained. We know it’s easy to get behind on garden maintenance but now is the perfect time to “spring clean” them. 

Here are some spring cleaning tips that will help to get your garden back in tip-top shape!

Break Up the Cleaning

If you have several beds in your yard, don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle it all in one day. Break it up into different activities and spread them out. Doing too much is an easy way to get exhausted and overlook something or make a mistake. 

Tidy Up

Start by tidying your garden. Remove

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How to Prepare Your Tennessee Home for Possible Storms

It’s spring time in Tennessee which means blooming flowers, birds chirping and severe weather. We’ve already had more than our fair share of severe storms, tornadoes and high winds this spring but it’s not over yet. With more storms on the way, it’s important to protect your home in the best way you can.

Here are some tips to protect your home for possible storms:

Trim Your Trees.

When high winds hit, loose or dead tree limbs can go flying. This can cause damage to your home with windows being especially vulnerable. Trim these trees and clear any dead or loose limbs before bad weather hits.

Clean Your Gutters.

This is something you should be doing regularly but, if you’re not, now is

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Live-Work Units Could Increase in Popularity Following Pandemic

We’re still in unique times and, while we fight this global pandemic, the way we live is changing. With people staying home more than ever, home floorplans are bound to change. What worked best for a family of four before COVID-19, may not work as well now. More people are working from home and sheltering in place, which means they need a space for work and a space for play.

You’ve probably heard of live-work spaces. We’ve written about them before and we’ve sold these units to our clients. If you’re still not sure exactly what a live-work space is, it is a unit that has both working quarters and living quarters. Many of them located in Middle Tennessee have separate areas for working

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If You Need to Move During the COVID-19 Crisis, Here Are Some Safety Tips

We’re living in a unique time right now. While the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is going on, things are very different. We’re all social distancing and quarantining in our homes but, unfortunately, some people still have to move during this time. If you’re one of those people, here are some safety tips that can help your family stay as safe as possible.

First of all, it’s important to reschedule your move date if you’re able. Push it back until after the pandemic is over and things are starting to get back to normal. We know that’s not always possible but that’s the best way to ensure the safety of your family.

If you must move and want to hire movers, make sure you

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There’s a Bathroom Paint Color That Could Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you’re probably talking to your Synergy Realty Network agent about small updates and fixes. One update may be painting rooms that have off-putting colors (think bright pink or black). Did you know that it’s also possible that some colors could improve your sales price?

Zillow did a study on paint colors and how they affect the home. In that study, they found that one color, in particular, could actually improve your profit on a home sale. That color is periwinkle blue. That doesn’t mean you should go out and paint your entire home periwinkle blue (in fact, we hope you don’t do that). Instead, paint your bathroom that shade of blue and you

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Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash’s Former Hendersonville Home Sells

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash’s former Hendersonville home is no longer for sale. The property has again been sold, this time to a local couple. According to the Hendersonville Standard, the Man in Black’s property sold for $3.2 million.

The property, which sits on 4.5 acres, was purchased on Jan. 7 by Cristan and Tina Blackman. Apparently, the couple plans to build a house and live on the property. They want to create a home that will make memories for their children and grandchildren, who live nearby.

Cristian told the Hendersonville Standard, “It’s such a majestic piece of property. My wife and I are honored to own it.”

In case you’re not familiar with the property, it’s

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There’s a New Lifestyle Community in Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro is home to Middle Tennessee’s newest master-planned community, according to the Tennessean. Shelton Square is the community and its future is bright. They’re expecting to build more than 700 homes and a range of amenities for the residents.

Shelton Square is in a convenient location in Murfreesboro with easy access to both 840 and I-24. It’s near Blackman Road on a space that used to be a large farm. According to the newspaper, they expect to build 700+ homes from various builders including Celebration, Davidson, Harmon, Homes by Design and Sam Anderson Construction.

There are a lot of bonuses to living in a lifestyle community such as Shelton Square. Usually, a homeowner’s

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Realtor.Com® Data Suggests January is a Good Time to Buy

It’s a new year and you’ve probably set some resolutions (or home resolutions maybe) for 2020. Is one of your new year’s goals to get into a new house? According to data, January is a great time to start that search for your dream home.

There are several reasons that the first month of the year is the time to start searching. Realtor® Magazine says low mortgage rates are a great reason to start the home buying process. Housing Wire backs up that claim, saying the rates are much lower than last year at this time. According to the website, the “average U.S. fixed rate for a 30-year mortgage averaged 3.72%.” You can read more about mortgage rates here.

January is also a time for very low

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Kelly Clarkson Reduces Price of Hendersonville Home

“Miss Independent” Kelly Clarkson just reduced the price of her Hendersonville home. Her gorgeous lakeside property is now available for $7.5 million, according to It was originally listed for $8.75 million, back in the summer of 2018. 

The beautiful, light-colored home inspires relaxation with the waterfront view and circular water fountain in the driveway. The mansion has seven bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms in its 20,121 square feet. According to The Tennessean, Clarkson custom-designed the home that was built in 2007. 

This is the perfect house for entertaining. The grand foyer will welcome visitors into the home and the double staircases make it the

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Synergy Realty Network (Brentwood, TN), under the independent ownership of visionaries Dwane and Michelle Crews, is launching the Buyer Graph initiative, a tech tool powered by RealScout, a private, agent-branded collaborative search platform which is rapidly transforming how consumers work with agents.  This platform enables brokerages to share powerful anonymized buyer data that allows buyers, sellers and their agents to fiercely compete at every level of moving real estate … pricing strategies, inventory availability (even if not yet on the market), unprecedented searching techniques, getting the best deals for consumers. 

Nashville is the latest market to get a Buyer Graph, following Denver, northern

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