Tyler King, Affiliate Broker

Tyler bought his first investment property at age 19 and hasn’t looked back. After graduating from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a degree in Finance he became a licensed REALTOR. Tyler lives and invests in urban areas around Nashville. As an investor and a developer, he knows the market inside and out. He also knows all of the tricks and surprises a real estate transaction may bring. A lot of people think real estate agents help them “find properties”…but the truth of the matter is that now days, there are enough apps and websites designed to help buyers find properties on their own. Where a good REALTOR comes in is dealing with contracts and negotiations to make sure you, as the client, are protected AND getting the best deal possible. As a developer, Tyler keeps his ear to the ground and knows every project going on in the city which means he can bring you homes that are potentially offmarket and not available to the public. He brings a level of expertise and familiarity rarely known by other realtors.

Urban Real Estate Specialist
Large and Small Scale Real Estate Investments
New Home Construction Experience
Successful Small Business Owner

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