Love having 100% commission with Synergy!  I was able to hire a contract to close person and someone to my marketing!!  My business has changed tremendously.  Thank you Synergy and thank you Dwane and Michelle Crews!"

 Amanda Barron

Synergy Realty Network holds themselves to a higher standard than most brokers. It’s a wonderful atmosphere to work in. We all network together. We all support each other and its just been an excellent move for me.

Heidi Green


Our experience at Synergy Realty Network has been excellent! We came to Synergy recently as a husband and wife team and both of us settled in quickly.
We are able to run our personal real estate business in a very streamlined efficient manner. We have the tools that we need to be paperless and electronically advanced rather than paying for services that we would never use and for which traditional firms charge their agents in fees and splits.

Having a total of more than 42 years on our team, we have a long history in the leadership of our profession and deep involvement in the local real estate industry as well as our community in Franklin. We are self-motivated, experienced and trained real estate professionals and the great majority of us at Synergy are licensed as brokers.
We are confident that we are where we are supposed to be… at Synergy Realty Network!

J Edward Campbell – Broker      Brenda Tuck Campbell – Broker


I had been the top selling agent with a REMAX team for 9 years when I finally got tired of all their fees, 60/40 split and some other personal issues I experienced. I started researching and wasn’t really finding many better options out there . It was just by the grace of God I was recommended Synergy Realty Network by my long time friend and lender of those past 9 years. She highly recommended them and so I met with Dwane one afternoon for lunch. He was very easy going and fun. They are the best office to work with, they only charge a reasonable 1 time a year office fee and you keep 100% of your own commission after that. I am paid up until 07/2014! I love the idea that I don’t have to worry about any other fees or costs until then. They help you however they can, they are innovative with paperless contracts/signatures, and they go above and beyond to make you feel like family not just some Realtor making them money like larger real estate companies tend to do!  I would refer them to anyone looking for a positive change in their career! Thank you Dwane and Michelle,my life and sanity is MUCH BETTER since joining your company!

Melissa Raymond

Synergy realty network is the BEST Real Estate Company I have worked with in thirty (30) years!  I was affiliated with RE/MAX Real Estate Center & RE/MAX Elite for seventeen (17) years.  That brand cost me mega bucks during those seventeen years.  I will recommend Synergy realty network over any broker or company I have interviewed with or known of, ALL these years! 

Carolyn Morrow

I absolutely appreciate the flexibility the 100% Commission structure. It helps me when the need to assist my clients in setting my Professional fees with them in some cases

Annette Hutchinson

I am so excited about the 100% Commission! My husband and I are getting ready to break ground on our Dream Home. The extra money that this provides will surely go a long ways to making all our dreams come true! Thank you synergy! You guys are awesome to work for I'm proud to be part of the team!

Darlene Monk 

My situation at Synergy is probably a little different than most. My wife and I have a Home building business and although I occasionally function in a traditional Realtor mode of representing buyers or sellers, my primary focus is on buying and selling properties in support of our contracting business. Being able to keep 100% of my commissions while paying a small transaction fee, allows us to invest more in our home building business and generate higher profit margins. When you add the commission structure to a very robust technology platform and exceptional Broker support, Synergy is the best place in Nashville to have your real estate license.

Tom Chapman

"Last year at my previous brokerage, I was the top selling agent.  However, near the end of the year, I had a transaction in which my company took 45% commission (relocation) on a referred client who was not a relocating buyer.  And after I found her a home and we were under contract, my brokerage told me they had forgotten to tell me there was an additional 50% commission referral attached to it as well even though she had called the main office and was not actually referred by anyone.  Everyone was really just wanting a slice of the commission while I did the work.    I had a choice right then.  I could decide what my hard work was worth to me.  Synergy might not be the best place for a new agent, but for an experienced agent, this is the place to be.  After just 5 months, I have cushion in my account and my broker fee has been long paid off.  I invest a lot of money, time and energy into my job   I appreciate a brokerage that is grateful for its money makers!"

 Lara Cottrell

By receiving 100% commission working with Synergy Realty I have been able to put more money into my business, which in return has generated more leads and sales. I also have been able to start investing in rental properties  Working with Synergy and not having to pay extra fees for items I am not using makes me realize how much money I have lost of the years. Dwane and Michelle are always available when you need them. Love them and their concept.

 Connie Kondrat

“ I’ve been an Agent for 12 years and LOVE the move I made to Synergy Realty Network!  Dwane, and everyone I’ve met has treated me like part of the Family.   I’m treated like “my” business is just as important as theirs.  I never have to worry if I have a question, I have all the assistance needed—Thanks to Dwane!”

Sherry Haley