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Avoid These Interior Design Trends if Your House is For Sale

When it comes to selling your house, there’s a lot you have to prepare. The interior of your home has to look good but not deter potential buyers. When your house is on the market, your home's decorations are no longer for you. They’re for the buyer.

Basically, when your home is for sale it’s time to focus on what most buyers want. A pink nursery may not appeal to an older couple looking at your house. A cluttered kitchen may deter a home chef from making an offer. Old appliances in retro colors will make young, hip couples walk out your door before they’ve even seen it all.

If you’re looking to sell your house in the near future and want to get the most money, these are some interior

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Four Tips to Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space

It’s that time of year again. The temperatures are rising which means it’s time for outdoor BBQs and parties. But what’s a summer party without the perfect outdoor space?

Do you have a backyard but just aren’t happy with it? Want to spruce it up before having any parties? We’ve got some tips to help you create your perfect outdoor space.

Brainstorm What You Want

The first step to getting your perfect backyard is to think of what matters to you. Do you want a vegetable garden? Would you like the perfect space to grill and chill? Do you want an area for outdoor activities like cornhole? List the most important things to you and use that as a starting point.

Take Inventory of Your Area


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Homeowners Can Save Money By Buying These Items in May

 Spring is in the air and the savings should be too! Being a homeowner can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Synergy Realty Network has rounded up a list of the best items to buy in May to save you money.


 May is the best month to replace the mattresses in your home, according to DealNews. While they recommend checking out the deals at places like Sears, it’s always a good idea to price check. Try checking out various websites to get the very best deal this month.


 Refrigerators are one of the only kitchen appliances that are the cheapest in May. Money Crashers says that this is because the new models are rolling out and stores need to get rid of last

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Believe It or Not You Can Save For a Home When You’re Self-Employed

Many people who are self-employed, freelancers or that don’t have a steady paycheck just give up on saving to buy a home. Believe it or not, it is possible to save for your first home even if you’re in one of these categories.

As realtors, we know how hard it can be to save when money is a little tight, but it is doable. We rounded up a few tips on how to put money aside for a house down payment even when it’s not easy. (If you need a little more information on what a down payment is and how much money you can expect to put down, check out this informative article from Architectural Digest.)

Set Goals

If you don’t set goals for saving, how will you ever know what you’re doing?

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Historic 19th Century Davidson County Home is For Sale

A very historic Nashville home is on the market for only the third time since it was built in 1835. The Tennessean recently shared the story about this beautiful home at 5409 Cochran Drive, close to Williamson County.

This stunning home has a gorgeous, inviting entryway, wood floors and pale blue walls. The stairway that greets visitors also has its own impressive story. Its post was carved from one of the property’s trees, which came from a land grant during the Revolutionary War.

Aside from that, the house boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’ll keep you warm during cold winters with not one, not two but three fireplaces. There’s also a screened-in porch, a three-car garage and

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Five Ways to Add a Little Southern Charm to Your Home

Southern homes are considered classy, playful, elegant and unique. Most southern homes have antiques that have been collected and handed down in the families for years and years. Because of that, southern homes are rarely in line with fads. For some of us, creating southern charm just doesn't come easy. To help inspire and awaken your inner interior designer, we've got a few tips to help you add some southern charm to your home. With the right colors, furniture and functionality, your home will look straight out of the pages ofSouthern Living (where we drew some inspiration for this post).

Use Softer Shades of Color

Southerners love color — and we aren’t afraid to use it! Instead of bright,

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Nashville Lands on Forbes’ List of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities

Forbes recently revealed their list of the fastest growing cities in America. Not surprisingly, Nashville landed within the Top 10.

To create the list, Forbes looked at a number of variables. They looked at population growth, the rate of employment, salary and the economic output from the city. They also factor in home prices. The result was a list of 25 places in the U.S. with impressive growth rates.

Nashville, Murfreesboro and Franklin were grouped together for this list and landed at No. 7. That’s a big jump from last year, where we were at No. 20. According to the article’s statistics, the projected population growth this year is 2.15% with the projected job growth at 2.05%.

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New Brentwood Subdivision to Boast Weather-Proof Homes

A subdivision full of weather-proof homes is coming to Brentwood. The houses are supposed to resist earthquakes, winds, fire and even floods. The Tennessean broke the story of this forthcoming subdivision recently.

The subdivision’s developer, Leader in Green Assets, are creating an entire subdivision for these unique houses. The community isn’t yet named but they hope to have a model home by this summer. The model will sit on 60 acres on Bluff Road near the Governors Club. It sits on the Davidson County side of Brentwood.

These houses will be a lot different than “normal” houses, but you won’t be able to tell from the outside. They’ll be made of steel instead of wood and magnesium oxide

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